Removing moles for health, cosmetic or comfort reasons can be done via excision or laser.

The method of mole removal our doctors will recommend will depend on the kind of mole you have.

Removal by excision. The doctor will numb the area with local anesthetic and then use a scalpel to cut out the mole. Depending on the size of the incision, you may then get stitches with dissolvable threads.

Removal via laser. The doctor will first numb the area using topical anesthetic and then will use a laser in order to burn away the layers of skin with the mole. Because the laser sterilizes and closes the flesh as it burns, you will not need stitches following the procedure. You will be asked to keep a bandage over the area for a few days to keep infection out of the wound.

Is this for me?
If you have a mole (or more) that bothers you – whether for health, cosmetic or comfort reasons — then you may want to consider mole removal. The procedure is relatively simple and the only pain would be from the injection of the anesthesia.

How long does it take and how often can I have it done?
Excision or laser would take about 1 hour.

How long is the downtime?
1-5 days.