This innovative skin peeling procedure uses ozonated Olive Oil as a peeling activator, instead of chemical acids.

Ozein Peel is very effective for patients with inflammatory acne. Unlike chemical or acidic peeling activators, Ozein is more gentle and has anti-inflammatory side effects said to be about 3,000 times better than chlorine. The increased oxygen penetration that comes with the procedure causes acne germs to be eliminated. With Ozein Peel, skin damage is minimized as both anti-inflammatory and regeneration take place.

Is this for me?
Patients who have skin with inflammatory acne are usually discouraged from having treatments. However with the Ozein Peel, this type of skin actually benefits from the anti-microbial action and anti-inflammatory benefits of Ozein Peel. If you want to rid yourself of serious acne. this is the procedure for you.

How long does it take and how often can I have it done?
Procedure is 30-45 minutes long.

How long is the downtime?
Continuous peeling for 3-4 weeks.