The Korean Connection.

Dermaster Korea is our link to the world of innovative Korean cosmetic technology. Founded by the Cosmetic Master Dr. Han Jin Kwon, this Global Network of beauty clinics, leads the way when it comes to thread lifting and anti aging technology.

Dr. Kwon invented and pioneered Ultra V Lift fine thread lifting and HIKO non-surgical nose lifts.  Dermaster develops and supplies the dissolvable polydioxanone POD threads used by most clinics worldwide.  Many improved variants have been released since the original was devloped. 

The PCL 24 is the latest iprovement.

He continues to innovate with other supplements and serums that further enhance skin wellness and beauty.  The Idebenone Ampule is one such example, hailed for its ‘magic’ when it comes to wrinkle removal and whitening.  Plus of course the much loved ULTRA V Aqua shine Mask.

Cosmedics is Dermaster’s partner in the Philippines.