Korean Science. Filipino Touch.

Korean Science

Today’s most innovative beauty enhancement technology comes from Korea. In the recent years, their trailblazing professionals have produced revolutionary techniques in dermatological care and cosmetic surgery.

Cosmedics’ own expert resource is Dr Han Jin Kwon, the founder of the Dermaster Clinic Global Network. Unlike Korean aesthetic that tends to be extreme and dramatic, Dr Kwon has an opposite approach and tends more towards natural beauty. He has pioneered the Ultra V lift technology that uses fine dissolvable threads inserted into target areas to tighten and lift the skin.

Many more developments have risen since. Continuous research and the demands of the Korean populace just keep pushing for more natural looking results, with the least discomfort and downtime. Dermaster is always in the forefront satisfying customers desires to enhance their beauty.



Cosmedics V-lift treatment uses threads to tighten and rejuvenate skin.

Filipino Touch

Understanding what the Filipino considers beautiful is key to delivering customer satisfaction.  Patients will say they want brighter skin, more defined facial features or a shapelier figure.  But it takes a trained aesthetic eye to make just the right amount of changes and adjustment to bring out the patient’s best features.

Dr. Alvin Jorge and Dra. Guia Favor-Jorge make up the husband and wife tandem that head and operate Cosmedics Philippines.   Together with their team of experts they employ the latest Korean technology with Filipino aesthetics in delivering the enhancements and care their patients ask for.